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TCT Stacker Dado Saw Blade

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Product Description

200mm (8”) TCT Stacker Dado Saw Blade

ATB Positive tooth form

This piece of kit is brilliant for joint making versatility. The Dado can be mounted in a table saw or radial arm saw for cutting rabbets, grooves, tenons and lap joints. The TCT Stacker Dado set consists of two outer blades and a selection of chippers that are sandwiched between them. Using a combination of the blades and chippers the set is adjustable from 6.3mm to 23mm (approx.).

Both the main blades and chippers are TCT anti-kickback with chip limitors.

Each Dado set comes in a smart aluminium case and includes:

2 x 200mm diameter TCT saw blades with 24T and a 30mm bore

One set of plastic shims for fine adjustment

  • 1 x TCT chipper blade 6.3mm kerf
  • 2 x TCT chipper blade 3.2mm kerf
  • 1 x TCT chipper blade 2.4mm kerf
  • 1 x TCT chipper blade 1.6mm kerf